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Emergency checklist for disasters

Emergency Preparations

How to Prepare for an Emergency – Monthly item of value

A weather emergency can throw your entire life off balance. Knowing what to do, where to go and having everyone in the family on the same page can be the difference between life and death when there is an emergency.

Depending upon where you live in Baltimore, you will have different risks for natural disasters. Floods are generally concentrated in areas of known floodplains or near streams. Large trees in your back yard could be a danger during very windy times.

Your family needs a game plan. If your family has pets, there needs to be a plan for them as well. During a natural disaster or other emergency, family pets need a place to go.

It may seem silly to have fire drills or evacuation drills at your house, but practicing is the only way to make sure everyone knows what their role is. Drills a couple times a year are recommended.

A spreadsheet or written page of contact numbers will be handy when you need to let loved ones know where you are and that you are okay. The most important thing is to get you and your family (including pets) to safety and letting people know you are safe.

For more information on emergency preparedness please check out this month’s item of value.

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