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Create a multipurpose room, not a dumping ground

The luxury of a spare room is something few of us enjoy. But many Baltimore area homes have three or more bedrooms, offering homeowners the chance to create a multipurpose room. Making the best of the space can be a challenge. Be careful to use it without having this room become a major source of clutter.

Using the spare room as a junked up closet, or only the four days out of the year your in-laws come to visit, is a waste. With a spare room that has more than one use, you are making the most of it instead of ignoring this valuable area.

You could covert the room into a spare bedroom/office/changing room that can be used on a daily basis. Furnishings may be several pieces that do not match and don’t fit anywhere else in the house.

Give the furniture a makeover by refinishing or repainti...

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