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10433 Windlass Run Rd.

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11324 Cedar Lane

  • 11324 Cedar Lane, looking at the house from the beginning of the driveway.
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307 Tufton Circle

  • 307 Tufton Circle, street view
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3307 Beverly Road

  • 3307 Beverly Road, front yard


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4 Knightsbridge Ct.

  • 4 Knightsbridge Ct., street view of front

This White Marsh t...

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15 W Chase St

  • 15 W Chase St, street view.
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Coins in a jar with a plant growing out of it that symbolize saving money. L.K. Benson gives opinions on this topic.

September News from L.K. Benson

Thanks to L. K. Benson for sharing with us.

Life Lessons from Jimmy Buffett

Our family was deeply saddened by the news of Jimmy Buffett’s passing on September 1st.  Jimmy’s life and music had a tremendous impact on many. This is evidenced by the outpouring of messages and support from celebrities and fans worldwide. Lyle and his family have been self-professed “parrotheads” for over 40 years.  In this article, Lyle shares a few of his favorite song lyrics and some of the many life lessons that Jimmy shared through his music.

Memento Mori

Jimmy’s death was another reminder that nobody is immortal and one day we will all die. It is summarized in the ancient Latin phrase “Memento Mori...

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7512 Riddle Avenue

  • 7512 Riddle Avenue, view from driveway.
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Bringing community spirit into your neighborhood like this woman who is talking to some of her neighbors.

Ways to Spark Community Spirit

In today’s fast-paced world, where technology often takes precedence over face-to-face interactions, fostering a sense of community spirit has become more important than ever. Hosting a community event is a fantastic way to bring people together, strengthen bonds and create lasting memories. In this month’s eReport, we’re excited to share some fun ideas for hosting a community event that will not only bring neighbors and friends closer but also provide tips to ensure it goes off without a hitch.

Why Host a Community Event?

Hosting a community event can serve as a catalyst for building a strong sense of community spirit and camaraderie. In our increasingly digital age, the value of genuine, in-person connections cannot be overstated...

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A man's hands opening an intake duct.

3 Benefits of Duct Cleaning Before Listing a House on the Market

Thanks to Clean Sweep for this episode of Tips from the Pros about duct cleaning.

There are countless things that your clients need to worry about as they get ready to list their homes on the market. From making small repairs to painting the walls a neutral color, things need to be done. In the hustle and bustle of taking care of things that are immediately obvious, it’s easy to forget some of the things that are lurking beneath the walls, including the ducts. What are some of the benefits of encouraging your clients to clean the ducts before placing their homes on the market?

Get Rid of Lingering Dust and Odors

The duct system of a house is responsible for distributing all heated and cooled air coming from your HVAC system...

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Big Numbers

Thanks to L. K. Benson for sharing this blog about the big numbers.

The Washington Redskins Commanders To Be Determined recently sold for over $6 billion. Every time a sports franchise sells, the numbers get bigger, and people can’t believe the huge payout for the owner. Reviled owner Dan Snyder purchased the team back in 1999 for $800 million, which was a record at the time. Yes, $6,000,000,000 is much more than $800,000,000, but how good of an investment was it? Many unknown factors would impact the return calculation on this type of investment, like the ongoing profits of the business, the loans taken out to buy the team, etc. However, if we take that out of the equation, to grow $800 million to $6 billion over 24 years, you’d need to achieve a return of about 9% annually. 

This ...

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Less is More

Tips for Downsizing

In this month’s eReport, I am sharing with you some strategies on how to start the process of downsizing a home, whether it is yours or loved one’s. I am also offering a reminder to use those “good” items you had set aside as well as parting with those you only kept out of guilt. You are worth it! 

You might downsize because you are moving into a smaller home, cleaning out the home of a family member who has passed or just trying to make your home less cluttered. The rules apply for any situation.

Ask an impartial friend to help out, especially if you don’t think you can be objective about what to part with and what to keep.

Less is more for downsizing graphic with a photo of a woman who is smiling.
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Choosing a pesticide and reading the labels in the store.

What to Know Before Applying Pesticides in Your Garden

Thanks to the University of Maryland/Maryland Grows this informative article on what to know before applying pesticides in your garden. Featured image: Oregon Department of Agriculture, CC.

You have a pest problem in your garden – maybe it is hungry insects feeding on your vegetables, or stubborn weeds taking over your flower patch, or fungal diseases killing your lawn. You might consider using pesticides (which include insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides), especially if the problem seems widespread or severe. How do you choose the right pesticides and apply them correctly to support a healthy and thriving garden? How do you ensure your food plants remain safe for consumption and adverse impacts on beneficial species and soil health remain minimal?

Choosing the right pestic...

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Beautiful fireplace burning logs in a room with wood paneling.

Do I Need a New Fireplace?

Thanks to Clean Sweep for this episode of Tips from the Pros asking the question, “Do I need a new fireplace?”

Your fireplace adds beautiful warmth and ambiance to your home, but only if it is properly maintained and not a hazard to you. Whether you moved into a new home and you are concerned about how old the fireplace is or you’ve been living in the same place for decades and finally want to upgrade your current fireplace, there are some signs that you might be due for a fireplace replacement.

Strange Smells

Do you notice a burning smell any time that your fireplace is in use? Is there a lingering smell of sulfur when you are operating the fireplace? This is common in gas fireplaces that are leaking or malfunctioning. Contacting us as soon as possible is critical...

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