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Be prepared:

I will sit down with the sellers and go over a checklist to discuss minor improvements to be made to increase the salability of their home. Often sellers think they need to renovate or make major changes to a home to get it sold. That is not always the case. Sometimes small changes like a good cleaning and some decluttering are all that is necessary. Regardless of their needs, I have the resources for them like painters, handymen, cleaners, organizers, etc. What they choose to do from the list we discuss is ultimately their decision, however, NOT doing some changes can result in a reduced price or extended time on market.

Price it right:

Setting the price correctly from the beginning can make the difference between a home selling in 10 days or a home sitting on the market for 10 months. It is the philosophy of most sellers to start high and come down if necessary. The flaw in that philosophy is that the activity you see when your home is for sale is within the first two weeks. If the home is overpriced during that time the buyers who may be most interested will use your home to justify the purchase of one around the corner. I will pull the comparables and the current competition. The key is to price the home so that it is the best value from the first day of the listing.

Set expectations:

Knowing what to expect when selling your home is key to a stress free transaction.  Prior to listing your home, we will go over and set expectations for your listing.

  • Review YOUR goals
  • Analysis of comparables for optimal price and time on market
  • Clear, honest and consistent communication
  • Review of comparables every 21 days and an in-person appointment to discuss YOUR goals
  • We attempt to follow up personally with every agent who shows the house to get feedback and communicate that with the seller on a weekly basis.


I offer a comprehensive and personalized marketing program creating optimal conditions for the sale of their home. Marketing strategies are unique to each home but include and is not limited to:

  • A complete and correct MLS listing
  • Professional photographs with up to 30 photos.
  • Professionally designed and printed home flyer
  • A single property website with a web address that reflect their address. (ie: www.123mainst.com)
  • Association with third party websites such as Realtor.com,  Zillow, and Trulia
  • Direct marketing to my Realtor partners
  • Direct marketing to my client to include “property match”
  • Brokers’ open house
  • Public open house
  • Just listed postcards to the neighborhood.
  • On-line 24/7 appointment service so agents NEVER miss an opportunity to make an appointment.

Ensure each offer is complete prior to review

  • Includes earnest money deposit check and pre-approval letter
  • Review and analysis of each offer
  • Personal contact with the buyers lender
  • Explanation of types of buyer financing and pros / cons related to such.
  • Recommendations on counter offers

Once your home is under contract, my job is not done.

  • Property inspection/organizing and scheduling property repairs
  • Termite inspection/treatment
  • Updates on the buyers loan status
  • POA/PR management
  • HOA/condo document management
  • Weekly check in call with the buyers’ agent
  • Weekly check in call with the title company

Ensure a smooth settlement.

    • Coordinate with the buyers agent a final walk through of the property
    • Review the HUD-1 and make necessary changes PRIOR to going to settlement
    • Provide  notice of when and where settlement will take place
    • Provide after settlement service

As a seasoned professional I’ve learned providing top-notch service is one of the ways I can distinguish myself from my competitors. My home selling experience will not only make a difference in the profit of the sale of your home, but also how smoothly your transaction moves from listing to contract to settlement.

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