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Thanks to Rachel Wiederhold, ASP of 5 Star Staging, LLC for being our guest blogger!

before and after home staging

Images courtesy of 5 Star Staging, LLC.

So you’re selling your home. It’s a great house, perfect location, wonderful neighborhood, highly rated school district, there’s no reason to do anything more to do to place it on the real estate market, right? WRONG!!

Factors to consider

Does your home look like it could be in a magazine? If you said yes, then I’ll take back my WRONG.

Take a picture of your living, dining, kitchen, and bedrooms. Do they look picture perfect? Do they look spacious? Does the furniture arrangement look open and inviting? Is there any clutter? Are there too many pieces of furniture? Is your wall color and décor neutral? Are there any personal pictures, awards or religious symbols?


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Does your home have curb appeal?

Curb appeal

The outside of your home makes people either want to see more or run the other way.

As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression. the same goes for your home. Cracked sidewalks, hanging gutters and sports equipment littering the yard are things that will take away from your home’s curb appeal.

Step back and look at your house objectively, including all the way to the roof. When house photos are taken for website, make sure the yard is clean with no kids’ gear on the porch. Put everything away. Instead of bikes, consider adding a colorful Adirondack chair or a rocker for the front porch.

What can you do to increase curb appeal?

People need to be able to find you. Clean and easy to read numbers on your house is a good start...

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Your decor – what works for successful sellers

When you put your home on the market, there are a lot of dos and don’ts to follow. It is a difficult task, but you have to look at your home objectively. Make it look desirable to someone else – this is important if you want to sell.


Clean, clean and clean some more! The cleaner your home looks and smells, the better off you will be. Pet odors take attention away from the good stuff in your home. Try your best to keep litter boxes fresh, fish tank water clear and muddy paw prints off the floor. Pet fur on furniture and rugs is another turn off.

Get rid of clutter. If possible, remove up to half of everything on shelves and in closets. You now have loads of storage space. You can probably get rid of a lot of things you don’t use anyway...

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