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Does your home have curb appeal?

Curb appeal

The outside of your home makes people either want to see more or run the other way.

As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression. the same goes for your home. Cracked sidewalks, hanging gutters and sports equipment littering the yard are things that will take away from your home’s curb appeal.

Step back and look at your house objectively, including all the way to the roof. When house photos are taken for website, make sure the yard is clean with no kids’ gear on the porch. Put everything away. Instead of bikes, consider adding a colorful Adirondack chair or a rocker for the front porch.

What can you do to increase curb appeal?

People need to be able to find you. Clean and easy to read numbers on your house is a good start. If they are old and dingy, get updated new ones. Do the same for your mailbox if it is old. Avoid choosing a mailbox that shows your personality. Make it basic, shiny and functional.

Look at your interior window treatments from the outside. When the drapes or blinds are open the view will make your home look better from the street, but only if the windows are clean.

Pressure wash the deck, sidewalks, driveway, even your siding and garage door. A freshly cleaned roof will make your house look better. Paint the exterior, if possible.

Little things mean a lot

Add some pizzazz to the front of your home with a plant, flowers or even paint your front door. While adding colorful flowers will not add to your selling price, it may get the attention of prospective buyers, decreasing time the house stays on the market.

If your budget permits, additional hardscaping can add to the attractiveness of your home. Put in a raised flowerbed or add a stone walkway to freshen the look of your yard.

Be sure to clean out any outside that has standing water in it. Rain barrels, birdbaths, ponds or decorative water features should not be slimy with green algae. The water should be clear.

Tidy up the yard. Trim the bushes and trees. Mow the grass if you know people will be coming to see your property soon. Mulch the flower beds. Patch bald spots in the yard with sod or plant grass if you have more time. Remove ugly invasive vines and weeds, especially along fences.

Good outdoor lighting is a plus. This can include inexpensive little solar lights along your sidewalk. While they don’t offer a lot of light, they make evening walks much safer. The lights also add a nice effect from your street view. Add a pendant light over the front door to update the look.

Ready to show

Know what your budget can bear and fix what you can. Some cleaning and mulching is fairly simple to do yourself. If you need to hire a professional and you don’t know where to turn to increase your curb appeal, please get in touch with me. I am happy to recommend someone.

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