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2021 Year-End Charitable Giving

Thanks to L. K. Benson for sharing this blog on year-end charitable giving.

2021 year-end charitable giving

The end of the year is a very popular time to give to charities. There are many deserving organizations out there that could use your help. This is especially true in light of the challenges we’ve all faced during the COVID pandemic. While your primary goal in giving to charity should be finding a cause that is important to you, there are many tax advantages to charitable giving that should also be considered. Some of these rules have changed in recent years. We thought we’d highlight a few things you should be thinking about as you do your 2021 year-end giving.

Don’t Miss the Above-the-line Deduction

For 2021, everyone is eligible for an above-the-line deduction of up to $300 for single filers or...

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