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two kids painting and showing their fun winter crafts

Fun Winter Crafts for Kids

This month I am sharing some fun ideas for kids’ winter crafts projects. They are great ways for the little ones to use their imaginations and create items that can be displayed or given as gifts.

Give the kids something constructive to do while the weather is too cold to play outside for very long. The crafts include:

  • homemade snowmen
  • craft stick ornaments
  • citrus fruit bird feeders
  • homemade greeting cards

Pass these ideas on to your family and friends who have kids, too. They will appreciate it! These gifts can become family treasures that are saved for many years, especially the craft stick ornaments.

Fun Winter Crafts for Kids
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More February Events

Here are some Baltimore area events to take your mind off the weather and get you through the rest of the month:

painting-on-canvas-vector-illustrations_X12pib_LFebruary 10, 2016 – December 14, 2016

Wine & Canvas Class

Are you a budding Picasso? At 6 p.m. the second Wednesday of the month, come and bring your friends to the Hard Rock Cafe. Enjoy the food, drink and create your own masterpiece!

601 E. Pratt St.
Baltimore, MD 21202

beautiful and old antique steam train on the railway

February 09, 2016 – February 26, 2016

Education Connection at the B&O

Great activities for the little ones 2 and up. They will learn about animals from around the globe, the alphabet and much more.
901 W. Pratt St
Baltimore, MD 21223


February 19, 2016 – February 21, 2016


American Craft Council

Come in out of the c...

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