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Things we stockpile for no reason

Thanks to Cindy Bernstein of Aim4Order for this episode of Tips from the Pros with her blog about things we stockpile for no reason.

Why do we stockpile things like soy sauce?

We learned from our parents not to waste anything that can be useful. Don’t waste food. Don’t waste money. Waste not, want not. It’s time to consider what you really need and what is clutter.

If you go to events, not that there have been many over the past year and a half, there are often giveaway items that can accumulate into clutter. Events like the State Fair, Towsontown Festival, senior fairs or other events often have vendors who will give away items that have their logo on them.

These items can include tote bags, lip balm, tape measures, drink cozies, note pads, chip clips, keychains and pens...

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