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Tip and Tricks from Aim4Order, Professional Organizer

Quote of the Month

“Eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary may speak.”
Hans Hofmann

This quote succinctly sums up why letting go of excess is so important. If you’ve ever had the experience of reducing the volume of stuff in a specific area in your home, you may relate to the joy one feels when unnecessary things are removed.

Read ahead for a fun way to continue or get started eliminating!

A great big “WELCOME!” to all of our new subscribers this month. Thanks for joining us – it’s really great to have you with us.

Lose 200 Pounds (of clutter) in 5 Weeks!

Does your clutter weigh you down?
Do you wish you could spend your weekends playing instead of trying to organize your home?
Do you dream of inviting friends or family to visit?
Sign up for this one-of-a-kind affordable program to lose 200 pounds of clutter and get your home in shape for summer.

What’s involved?
No pills, shots or hormones
Weekly group phone call with expert advice, tips and strategies to help you muster the courage to get rid of the stuff you don’t need.
Weekly breakdown of priority areas and tasks per room, that can be implemented quickly for maximum results.
Accountability partner to hold your hand (virtually) throughout the 5 weeks.
A supportive group of like-minded (anonymous) people who know how you’re feeling.
A crash course in getting your home in good shape before summer hits.
Cost?   $97.00

For more information, email Cindy or call 410-484-8328 today.

Program starts April 27th. All are welcome!

When the Party’s Over

party hats
Hopefully, your winter holiday decorations have been put away…..but what about the platters and bowls and tablecloths you may have used? Are they still waiting to be put away? If you’re having trouble finding places to store the holiday-related stuff, take a minute and select a few items that you never even took out. Send them out to a friend, relative or charity and put the items still lingering around into those freed up spaces. Let me know how it goes!

Green Tip of the Month: Water Conservation

The next time you brush your teeth or wash your hands, try using a smaller stream of water. This small compromise can save gallons of water a year. Super duper water conservationists can try this in the shower, too.

This tip is brought to you by my environmentally concerned husband.

“Helping Baby Boomers and their Parents Lighten their Loads.”

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in your home, contact me. Together, we can transform your home into a happy, tidy place where you can feel at peace. We can also get you ready for your next move more enjoyably, faster and easier!
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Cindy Bernstein, Owner and Professional Organizer

You can learn more by reading the Aim 4 Order blog – check it out here.

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