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Is Your Code Safe? – Monthly Item of Value

Here is my monthly item of value: Can Thieves Crack Your Code?

Yes, you have either fingerprint recognition or a code to get into your phone, but how secure is it? Did you know that most phones will allow you to make a code that is more than four digits?

Your phone and your computer are both at stake here. Learn about how to protect your personal information and keep it from people who want to steal both your money and identity.

On your computer, use a combination of numbers, letters and characters in order to make the password more secure. Many websites will let you know if your password is weak or strong. Take their advice and make them as strong as possible.

This e-report contains information on how long the average thief takes to get into your computer or phone. By taking precautions, you can frustrate thieves and keep your banking information safer.

Click here to read full text keeping your information safe.

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