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Use creative gift wrapping, like using this plastic snowflake with orange slices, add to the festive season.

Creative Alternatives to Wrapping Paper

In today’s world we like to “reuse, renew and recycle.” I am sharing with you some creative ideas on how to wrap or present your holiday gifts. It is not necessary to use traditional wrapping paper. Get imaginative! You may already have some of the ideal materials on hand or they can be purchased inexpensively at discount stores. Using something you have in your home will make your gift more innovative and resourceful.

Many people reuse festive gift bags they received in the past, Surely, you can find more creative ways to wrap a gift and make unwrapping more memorable. These ideas use more interesting household items. Another alternative is inexpensive items that can be purchased and will come in handy for the gift recipient later.

If you can relate the wrapper, like a kitchen towel for a gift that will be used in the kitchen, you will look even more clever! Use interesting decorative tape, yarn or ribbon to tie it up. You will be the talk of the holiday season.

The people receiving your gifts will know that you put a lot of thought into not only the gift, but the wrapping of the gift as well.

Additionally, the infographic for creative alternatives to wrapping paper is below:

Use these creative alternatives to wrapping paper

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