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Meal Prepping – Tips to Start Doing It Now

Monthly Item of Value, meal prepping

While meal prepping is not difficult, it can be tough to get going. Once you have a system in place, moving forward will be easier.  In my Monthly Item of Value, get some tips on how to begin planning your weekly meals to make your life easier.

Try your best to make foods that are nutritious and then track your food by using an app. You need only to do quick a search on your phone to find food tracking apps.

MyFitnessPal and Delish are handy food blogs that can help you with food prepping. Pinterest can be a big help in finding easy recipes. In fact, you can use Pinterest as your digital recipe file and they will always be handy no matter where you are.

For the full Monthly Item of Value on Meal Prepping click/tap here.

You’ll get all sorts of tips on how to make your meals ahead each week to save you time. Included in the file are delicious recipes to make your life easier.

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