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Meet the Alexanders

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Meet the Alexanders

Ronnie and Rachel Alexander

What do you love most about your new home? 

I really just love everything. The hardwood floors, the spacious kitchen, the nice bathrooms (having 2 and a half bathrooms!), having so much space, having a deck. And being able to call it mine! I can paint the walls and hang things up and know that it will stay that way for as long as I want it to – I no longer have to worry about moving from apartment to apartment.

If you could sum up your experience in one word what would that be? Why?

Doable. When I first considered buying a house, it seemed daunting and impossible. I had no knowledge of houses, or what to do, and where to start. But my loan agent and Gigi were there to help me though every step. I can’t say buying a house is “easy” as it requires a lot of work, but they made it doable for me, and even enjoyable, and now I am very happy in my new home that I never thought I would have.

Was your experience what you expected? If not how did it differ?

No, per the above it was easier!  I thought it was going to be really hard, and I would have to do a lot of outside research. Also, the stereotypical view of agents is that they are out to make money and may try to pressure you into things, so I was nervous of this.
But I had the complete opposite experience and instead fully trusted Gigi. I knew I made the right decision when I liked a house, but with her knowledge she advised me that it would not be a good starter home due to some costly problems. In that moment I knew that if she were just out to make money, she would not be helping me in this way. Instead we worked together until we found the right fit.

If you could offer advice to another buyer what would it be?

It is so important to look at houses, and a bunch of them, as they can differ quite a lot from picture to real life. Also, you may think you know what you want, but you really do not develop this until you see different things in different areas. Also, the first disappointment is the worst, you see a house you like, that is perfect even, and then you go to look at it and boom, it is under contract so you can’t. But this will happen several times, and eventually you will find the one that was meant for you.

Free style – Here you can give a shout out to anyone on your “team”  lender, title, inspector, insurance agent, mover  etc… AND feel free to say anything else that you’d like to share. 

Everyone was great, Matt from Caliber Home Loans, BricKickers for the inspection, and of course Gigi.  Everyone made this a really memorable experience and I would not have wanted to do this with a different team. I love my home and look forward to many great years in it.

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