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Meet the Vedral Family

The Vedral family goes to Disney

What do you love most about your new home? 

The location! We were able to stay in the same neighborhood which made everyone happy.

If you could sum up your experience in one word what would that be? Why?

Easy! Believe it or not, the whole experience just felt very streamlined and like everything just fell into place.

Was your experience what you expected? If not how did it differ?

No! I had anticipated a much more stressful, time consuming ordeal. That was the total opposite of what we experienced. 

If you could offer advice to another buyer what would it be?

Listen to your realtor. Be prepared financially.  Some kind of bump will come along, just roll with it. It will all work out!

Meet the Vedral family

Free style – Here you can give a shout out to anyone on your “team”  lender, title, inspector, insurance agent, mover  etc… AND feel free to say anything else that you’d like to share. 

Our “team” was amazing! I can’t say enough good things about Gigi Causey and Matt Weaver, ‘the mortgage guy. I actually want to find people that need a realtor and lender just so that I can refer them! Gigi was on top of everything from start to finish and made the process not only stress free but also fun! She is so kind and easy to work with! Matt is knowledgeable and patient! He made sure we understood everything. Jordan from Brick Kickers Home Inspections was really thorough! Jane Anderson was so incredibly nice! The best team to work with. If you are buying a house, you want these people!

My awesome newly renovated kitchen has helped grow my custom cake business Reds Cups&Cakes. Baked deliciousness for every occasion, especially the occasion when you really just need some chocolate. (Find them on Facebook or @redscupsandcakes on Instagram).

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