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Meet the Tylutkis

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Meet Sydnie and Joe Tylutki

What do you love most about your new home? 

It’s so hard to pick, but if I must, I would have to say the neighborhood! Our street is lined with friendly faces and helpful neighbors! They have a clan of people who get their steps in by walking around the block together, they have card nights, it’s perfect! You seriously can not walk outside without a few “Hellos!” I already feel like this is home and it’s only been a day!

If you could sum up your experience in one word what would that be?  Why?

From start to finish it has been very clear that from Gigi, to the mortgage and title company, every single person that had a hand in our first time home buying experience has been so full of positive vibes and the utmost care. Gigi radiates passion and makes sure that the clients’ needs are put before anything else! Finding the perfect house was a struggle but having Gigi there to help us was exactly the care and compassion that we needed in order to feel confident in the biggest decision of our lives!

Was your experience what you expected? If not how did it differ?

No, we were both expecting to cry several times out of pure frustration! Everyone that we talked to had horror stories and opinions but for us it was so smooth! We were able to navigate everything with minimal amounts of frustration.

If you could offer advice to another buyer what would it be?

Buy a scanner! LOL!
Everyone from the realtor to the mortgage company need many many signed copies of documents and with this housing market being so competitive you have to be quick! Being able to print and scan in all of our paperwork same day was a blessing!

Free style – Here you can give a shout out to anyone on your “team”  lender, title, inspector, insurance agent, mover  etc… AND feel free to say anything else that you’d like to share. 

We have a few, Tom Benisch with State Farm! He thoroughly explained every single aspect of our policy! He even went above and beyond to track down our contractor and have them sign off on paperwork for us to get a lower premium!
Mark Hines with Fidelity was a trooper! I asked that man so many questions that sounded so stupid at the time and made me red in the face! He didn’t mind at all! He answered everything and really made me feel like he was in my corner rooting for me the whole time.
And lastly, Gigi. You really are an angel. Every single weekend we packed in house after house! You never gave up on us, you were never mad or pushy. You guided us in the most perfect way… and now I’m crying. Having you on this journey with us has been such a blessing. I wouldn’t have changed a single thing. You are a remarkable person and Joe and I are both so thrilled to know you.

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