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Cindy Bernstein, Aim 4 Order

This series of posts will introduce you to my team of preferred partners who assist me in all aspects of my business. When I say I am your trusted real estate adviser and that I’m available to provide resources/referrals to other industry professionals and services before, during, and after a sale, I mean it.  

Cindy Bernstein, Aim 4 Order – Professional Organizer

What is your mission statement or philosophy of business?

My mission is to bring peace and utter joy to people overwhelmed and stressed by their surroundings. My philosophy of business and life is to treat people with patience and kindness and a healthy dose of humor on the side, while giving people the most value for their time and money.

Tell us something about yourself. Maybe something interesting from a previous work life, something that has shaped your philosophy.

I was a 5th grade teacher in Baltimore City and then spent 23 years raising money for a non-profit. Working directly with clients and teaching them how to live a more peaceful life enables me to use my teaching skills.

Coordinating movers, haulers, shredders and the other organizers on my team gives me the satisfaction and fun of project management. I love building meaningful relationships with my clients and helping them feel better about their homes and themselves.

Share a recent success story or a story you’re really proud of. Could be industry related or something outside of business. 

One of my favorite success stories is when I work with women who have survived difficult, challenging times and are ready to take action to make life better. Years ago, one of my clients was blindsided when her husband asked for a divorce after 30+ years of marriage.

Together, we went through her entire home to downsize and declutter. It was very painful for her, but she forged ahead, not knowing what was in front of her. After finishing the entire home and letting go of many happy and not so happy items from her past, she started dating again.

Fast forward to three years later and she is with a wonderful man, someone entirely different than her ex, and has a whole new lease on life. I love taking people through the tough stuff because I know there is lightness and joy on the other end of the process.

Freestyle — anything else you would want people to know.

I love what I do. My clients are very bright, very caring, very well read and many are what I call “Information Junkies.” They are savers, they are creative, they are fun.

My favorite clients are the ones that are scared and hesitant in the beginning – and a little suspicious of me – and when they start to feel comfortable with the process, we pick up speed and accomplish great things. It’s especially fun to have refresher/maintenance visits to keep things on track.

You can reach Cindy via her website, Aim 4 Order.

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