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Steve Preis, Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

Steve Preis, Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

This series of posts will introduce you to my team of preferred partners who assist me in all aspects of my business. In this installment, meet Tom Benisch, Jr. of State Farm. When I say I am your trusted real estate adviser and that I’m available to provide resources/referrals to other industry professionals and services before, during, and after a sale, I mean it.

Meet Steve Preis of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. He has extensive knowledge combined with an intense attention to customer service. Steve believes in face-to-face meetings, close client interaction and a 24/7 team approach to service.

What is your mission statement or philosophy of business?

To develop sincere relationships, while delivering the best possible service and overall experience.

Tell us something about yourself.  Maybe something interesting from a previous work life, something that has shaped your philosophy.

I played Division 1 college Lacrosse. This was an incredible experience that not only helped me enhance my appreciation for the importance of teamwork, but helped me become stronger when facing the challenges of life.

Share a recent success story or a story you’re really proud of. Could be industry related or something outside of business.

Helping families achieve their dreams of homeownership is a regular motivating factor for me. But I would have to say that I am most proud of the path my children are on, and the people they are becoming.

Freestyle — anything else you would want people to know. 

I am a very creative person… Before getting into the mortgage world, I was a designer for some of the biggest agency’s around. That had given me a skill set that I would never have had otherwise.

As a mortgage professional for 15 years, I’m happy to speak to you if you need to refinance or get a home loan.

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