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The Top 5 Reasons I Love My Job

In this  day of HGTV, being a Realtor may seem glamorous.   Meet people, show them three homes, sell one, and celebrate 30 days later right?  Not exactly. It’s often riddled with leaky roofs, termites, rent backs, and delays but; regardless of the lack of glamour, there are many reasons I love my job.  Here are my top 5:

1) The People

As I look back over the past eleven years in this business it occurred to me that I’ve had the privilege of serving some remarkable people; Veterans, Oncologists, Nurses, Teachers, Bartenders, Business Owners, Attorneys, Athletes, Activists, Police and Firemen, Psychologists, Sales People, Artists, Musicians, Parents, Grandparents, Radio Personalities, and yes, even members of the Ravens Marching Band – how cool is that?  I’m not certain any other caree...

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