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The Top 5 Reasons I Love My Job

In this  day of HGTV, being a Realtor may seem glamorous.   Meet people, show them three homes, sell one, and celebrate 30 days later right?  Not exactly. It’s often riddled with leaky roofs, termites, rent backs, and delays but; regardless of the lack of glamour, there are many reasons I love my job.  Here are my top 5:


1) The People

As I look back over the past eleven years in this business it occurred to me that I’ve had the privilege of serving some remarkable people; Veterans, Oncologists, Nurses, Teachers, Bartenders, Business Owners, Attorneys, Athletes, Activists, Police and Firemen, Psychologists, Sales People, Artists, Musicians, Parents, Grandparents, Radio Personalities, and yes, even members of the Ravens Marching Band – how cool is that?  I’m not certain any other career would provide me the variety real estate provides — I love that about my job!


2) Helping Clients Achieve Their Goals

It isn’t everyday a person buys a home. It’s typically a thoughtful process starting with a phrase such as …”someday when I’m a homeowner I’m going to…” The reasons why vary from moving to a better school district, to escaping a lifelong rental cycle or viewing real estate as a means to financial freedom by becoming a landlord. Regardless of what is behind the decision, there is always something DRIVING that decision.   A dream, a desire, a GOAL. Helping people make tangible their intangible ideas is something– I love that about my job!


3) I Love A Good Challenge

As someone who is committed to service the way I am AND because I love helping people,  I  never turn down the challenge to get my clients what they want.  Single family for a town home price.  The perfect blend of what is important to the Mr. AND the Mrs.  Quick turn around sales. Making peace with the Seller who refuses to budge on repairs, settlement date, or money back to settlement.  This job is never the same, seldom predictable, and sometimes even feels as if we’ve run a marathon when we finally get to settlement BUT – I love that about my job!


4) Building Community

Webster’s Dictionary defines community as : a group of people who live in the same area (such as a city, town, or neighborhood). 

In my opinion it’s so much more.  It’s the person who helps their elderly neighbors by shoveling their walkways in winter.  It’s person who is involved their local neighborhood association or PTSA.  It’s the coach for the recreational soccer team or the community organizer of yard sales and block parties.  These people happen to be my clients living in homes I’ve sold all over Baltimore.   Perhaps it’s self centered, but to me it means in some tiny way I had something to do building their community; somehow I’ve impacted the area and  the lives of the people who live there–I love that about my job!


5) I’ve Never Seen a Home I Didn’t Like

Call me crazy but I see beauty in all homes.  Yes, even those with 1970’s green sculpted carpeting, which is likely coming back into vogue as I type.  Seeing potential in what COULD be in a room full of someone else’s “style” can be difficult for some buyers.  Having the ability to see beyond what is and painting a picture for my clients to show them what a home could become is always one of my favorite conversations while showing homes.  Tapping into my right brain–I love that about my job!

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