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Smart Strategies for Healthy Traveling

This month get some strategies on how to stay healthy when traveling, whether it is by car or plane. Check out my tips on sleeping well, food and water safety and easy ways to stay active.   

Before Covid, most people didn’t even think about their health when traveling. Most restrictions are gone, but the world is a different place now. Times have changed and it is more important than ever to keep yourself and your family healthy when you travel out of town.

The infographic below covers tips for healthy traveling in the Unites States or abroad. Also included are some safety reminders to make your trip the best one ever. Have a fun, healthy and restful trip this summer. (For full size version of infographic click here.)

Infographic about healthy traveling offering tips to keep you and your family safe on vacation this summer.

In addition, if you need help buying or selling a ho...

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Self-care starts with better sleep

Did you know that sleep is a huge part of any self-care routine? It’s an easy thing to overlook. This is especially true if stress has you tossing and turning. Are you spending too many late nights on Netflix or playing games online?

To truly reset and refocus after a difficult time, you need to physically refresh with some quality shuteye. Making sure you have enough sleep as well as good quality sleep will help.

You need all three phases of sleep. Therefore, deep sleep, REM sleep and light sleep are necessary to complete your successful slumber.

Below is some information to help you understand how sleep works and some tips on how to adjust your routine for better night’s rest. You’ll start feeling more refreshed and re-centered in no time! 

Self-care starts with better sleep

I hope this informatio...

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