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L.K. Benson Tips from the Pros tax reform

Tax Reform Moves Closer to Reality and Capital Gain Distributions Incoming

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Last Friday night the Senate passed a tax reform bill that would bring sweeping changes to our income tax system for individuals and corporations. The House of Representatives had already passed a similar bill earlier in November, and now the reconciliation process has begun. While significant differences between the two bills remain (see here for a good summary), there are enough similarities that we believe the odds are high that a compromised version of the bill will be signed into law before the end of the year. Unfortunately, you won’t have much time after the bill is passed to determine exactly how it will impact your own situation and implement any tax planning strategies before year end...

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15 Year End Tax Planning Ideas

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15 Year End Tax Planning Ideas for 2015

Did you procrastinate on filing your 2014 returns and just wrap them up before the 10/15 deadline? Well you are lucky the IRS gives you that 6 month extension. Unfortunately there is no extension on year end tax planning. Once the clock strikes midnight on December 31, you can no longer make changes to your 2015 tax picture. So that gives you a little over two months to work on it! What should you be thinking about? Here are 15 tax planning ideas for 2015

Active vs. Passive?

It’s a long running debate: should you invest in active fund managers who are trying to beat the market or just use a low cost index fund? We believe the right investment philosophy isn’t the same for everyone...

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