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15 Year End Tax Planning Ideas

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15 Year End Tax Planning Ideas for 2015

Did you procrastinate on filing your 2014 returns and just wrap them up before the 10/15 deadline? Well you are lucky the IRS gives you that 6 month extension. Unfortunately there is no extension on year end tax planning. Once the clock strikes midnight on December 31, you can no longer make changes to your 2015 tax picture. So that gives you a little over two months to work on it! What should you be thinking about? Here are 15 tax planning ideas for 2015

Active vs. Passive?

It’s a long running debate: should you invest in active fund managers who are trying to beat the market or just use a low cost index fund? We believe the right investment philosophy isn’t the same for everyone. One size doesn’t fit all and we help our clients determine which approach is best for them. Learn more about our approach.

Technology Upgrade

By now we hope you all know that sending confidential information by e-mail is NOT a good idea. We’ve had a portal available to our clients for a few years. We recently upgraded this software so there are now easier ways to send us files! To learn more about the upgrade read here.

3rd Quarter Investment Review

We’ve been telling you for a while now that eventually the markets would have to go through a correction. Unfortunately the 3rd quarter proved us right as equity indices across the board finished in the red. Read our quarterly market commentary for more details.

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