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2 Investments to Protect Your Home This Autumn and Winter

Thanks to Clean Sweep for this episode of Tips from the Pros. This issue is on how to protect your home this autumn and winter.

As the sun sets on the summer of 2022, we’re entering our favorite time of year: fireplace season! If your home is looking a little worse for wear, now is the time to repair. Colder months and harsher weather are on the horizon. The start of autumn is the perfect time to make a few home investments that will keep you and your family protected all winter long.

Chimney Repairs

Your chimney is both a critical part of the structure of your home and a potential safety hazard. A crack in the structure of your chimney or creosote build-up can be problematic. It can create a chimney that is a risk every time you light a log. Before you light your first fire of the new season, we implore you to schedule a chimney cleaning and inspection! Certainly, the Clean Sweep team can evaluate your chimney for any structural concerns and clean the interior. Creosote will be removed, and any water damage, rust or masonry problems will be repaired. A small investment now can prevent a fiery tragedy in the future.

Most importantly, the advantage of being proactive with this season’s chimney maintenance is that the upcoming freeze-thaw cycle can exacerbate any existing issues in your chimney. Cold weather is also not ideal for masonry repairs if they are necessary. Schedule your chimney service now for peace of mind to carry you through the winter!

 Roofing Repairs

We still have a few weeks of summer weather to enjoy, but the beginning of fall will mark our transition toward strong winds and eventually snow and ice. If your roof is structurally compromised, missing shingles, or your gutters are clogged with debris, the next several months will bring these issues to a head.

Clean Sweep Maryland can inspect and repair your roof to ensure it’s ready to stand up to the harsh weather ahead of us. Above all, your vents will be sealed, cracks will be fixed, and shingles will be replaced. A small investment in your roof now can prevent a steep repair bill in the future!

Stay Safe this Fall with Services from Clean Sweep Maryland

In conclusion, Clean Sweep Maryland has the professional equipment necessary to remove any amount of creosote from your chimney, along with performing repairs to your chimney, your liner, or your insulation.  Call Clean Sweep Maryland today at 410-558-1111 for a professional chimney sweep, dryer vent cleaning, air duct cleaning and gutter cleaning services designed to keep your home in wonderful condition and your family safe.

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