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four gutter-related problems

4 Gutter-Related Problems that Could Slow a Home Sale

Thanks to Clean Sweep for this episode of Tips from the Pros on gutter-related problems.

You’re probably already familiar with our chimney cleaning and inspection services that make us a top choice for realtors throughout the Baltimore region. But that’s not all Clean Sweep brings to the table. We also offer a variety of services to ensure your client’s gutters are in top shape prior to a transfer of ownership.

Gutters certainly are not the most glamorous part of the home you are selling. That being said, it doesn’t make them any less important. When it comes to gutters, small issues in the present can mean catastrophe in the future. Avoid risks of basement flooding, roof damage, and foundation cracking. Here are four issues our team can spot and address throughout a home’s gutter inspection.

Gutter-Related Problems

  1. Improper Placement: The placement of downspouts along your seller’s home directly correlates to how well the entire gutter system works. If there are not enough downspouts, the gutters might overflow during harsh summer storms or experience standing water after the rain settles. If gutters are placed below the “drip edge” of the roof, moisture can slip into the space behind the gutter and cause damage over time to the wood supporting the system.
  2. Wrong Gutters: There are many different gutter shapes, materials, and sizes. Occasionally, we come across a home whose previous owner unknowingly had the wrong type of gutters installed. In general, there are a few things we look for to confirm the quality of a home’s gutters:
    1. All elbows and downspouts should have at least .019 thickness
    2. Strong hangers should be used to keep the hardware anchored
    3. Made of aluminum
    4. Sized properly for the average rainfall for the area
  3. The Cheapest Option: As with any purchase in life, you get what you pay for. If a previous owner selected the cheapest gutters available, it is far more likely that there will be problems for our team to address. Weak materials cannot withstand constant exposure to water and are susceptible to damage over time. As such, they may need to be replaced or repaired before selling the home.
  4. Imperfect Pitch: When you look at gutters from far away, it’s easy to think that they sit level on a house. However, properly installed gutters are slightly pitched. The angle at which gutters are hung impacts how effectively they drain water away from your home. When the pitch is too steep or not steep enough, it leads to serious problems with drainage.

Prepare for a Transfer of Property with Clean Sweep Maryland

Call Clean Sweep Maryland today at 410-558-1111 for professional chimney sweep, slate roofing and duct cleaning services designed to keep all your listed properties clean and safe for sellers and buyers. If you have a prospective home buyer or home seller in need of gutter inspection or repairs, we are here to help.

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