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4 Reasons to Get Your Chimney Cleaned in the Spring

Thanks to Clean Sweep for this episode of Tips from the Pros about getting your chimney cleaned in the spring.

Get your chimney cleaned in the spring
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Have you had your chimney cleaned in the last year? Yearly chimney cleanings play a large role in keeping our homes and families safe from harm. If you’ve fallen behind on your chimney maintenance, fear not! You might be surprised to learn that spring is the perfect time for a chimney cleaning. Here are four reasons why you should schedule your chimney maintenance this spring or summer.

Odor Control

Chances are you used your fireplace a decent amount over the cold winter. However, you most likely won’t be using it again until late September at the earliest. So, why would you clean it now? For starters, it can alleviate some of the odors in your home. If you wait until fireplace season for your cleaning, that means that your creosote buildups will become more difficult to remove, and the pesky odor will remain all the while.

Keep Out Pests

Spring marks the return of our thriving backyard wildlife, meaning birds and squirrels are on the prowl for a place to call home for the season. Ideally, that place will not be our chimneys. The only way to guarantee this is to have a chimney cap installed, which we’re happy to do as part of your yearly maintenance!

Repair the Damages of Winter

One of the biggest risks that winter poses to our chimneys is brickwork deterioration. Once freezing cold water enters the chimney, it can reduce its integrity significantly. Additionally, the water can cause mold to grow once it thaws. Your yearly maintenance will address both of these issues before they evolve into serious issues down the road.

Schedule at Your Convenience

As you can imagine, the demand for chimney cleanings ramps up exponentially after the first cold day of fireplace season. Beat the rush and schedule your cleaning now, at your convenience! We’re there for you when you need us, seven days a week!

Clean Sweep will get your Chimney Cleaned

To summarize, call Clean Sweep Maryland today at 410-558-1111 for professional chimney sweep, slate roofing and duct cleaning services designed to keep all of your listed properties clean and safe for sellers and buyers. If you have a prospective home buyer or home seller in need of a chimney inspection or repairs, we are here to help!

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