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Organized Job Search

Looking for a new job? Thanks to Cindy Bernstein of Aim4Order for this episode of Tips from the Pros with help on how an organized job search will.

An organized job search will get you employed faster.
An organized job search will help you find employment more quickly.

Looking for a job is a job in itself. An organized job search ensures you are spending your time wisely as you look.

Set up a space

Whether you have a home office or the corner of the kitchen table, setting up a space for your job search is important. Everything you need will be kept in the space.


A computer, printer or at least a mobile device is a must to get started. A lot of applications are online these days. Sites like Career Builder, Monster or Indeedlet you apply for jobs from home. A phone, calendar, pens and paper will allow you to focus and take notes while you are on the phone without searching.


Is your resume up to date? If not, you’ll need to update it. If it’s been awhile since you looked for employment, resumes have changed over the years. Older candidates need to focus on experience, while younger job searchers may list past jobs.

Career goals

Do you have a career goal? Think about the job(s) you are interested in finding. Focus your search in the specific area of interest to make the most of your job hunting time.


Schedule part of your day to do your job search. It can wrap around the other things you need to do including if you are currently working. Make sure you have ample time to search for jobs, apply for them and make phone calls.

Set daily goals

How many job applications will you fill out in each job hunting session? Do you want to make a certain number of phone calls each day? Figure out what works for you. Be ambitious! That’s part of the process.

Who do you need to know?

Think about people you know and who they might know. Let your friends know you are looking. A good way to identify quality contacts is networking with new and old friends. Think about your alumni association, professional organizations and people you know who might be able to help you in your search.

Track applications

Once you have applied for jobs, keep up to date on whether or not the company has hired someone. Call back and ask if you don’t hear from them. Sometimes it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.

Your tenacity may help secure that perfect job. Tracking jobs will help you avoid accidentally applying for the same job twice.

Remember that while you are searching, this is a process. It is highly unlikely you will find a job in one day.

Being organized in your quest will allow you to stay on top of your job search and hopefully help you find a job you love. If you need help setting up your space or organizing anything in your home, contact me.

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