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organizing projects based on time

Organizing projects based on time

Thanks to Cindy Bernstein of Aim4Order for this episode of Tips from the Pros on organizing projects based on time.

No one seems to have enough time to do the things they want to do. But how much time do you have? Let’s take a look at some projects based on how long they take. Pick a project for the time you have available.

Organizing tasks to do in a weekend

Garage: You will need to take a lot of time to completely organize the garage. Sweep up the floor. Arrange things so that nothing sits on the floor, and everything is on shelves. Throw out or donate what you don’t need. Put like things together (sports equipment, for example).

Basement: Similar to the garage. Make sure everything has a home. If there isn’t enough room, you need to purge something.

Attic: Similar to garage and basement, make sure you are not storing things you don’t want or need.

Shed: Make sure everything is in working order. Purge what you don’t need. Get things fixed or trash them.

In one day

Pantry (this could take less time, depending on the size of your pantry): Take everything out. Throw away expired items. You might discover some great food that has been hiding in there.

Closet: Clean the floor and shelves. Move clothes that are out of season to the back or side and put the in-season clothes front and center. 

Craft supplies: Organize supplies either on shelves or in bins. If you use bins, use clear ones, if possible. Be sure to label everything so you can find it later.

In three hours

Bathroom: Wash shower curtain or glass doors to prevent mildew. Organize shower supplies. Clean out under the sink and/or shelves. Empty the trash.

Laundry room: Remove trash and lint. Wipe down washer and dryer. Organize laundry supplies. Do laundry, if needed. Make sure sink is clean and clear of any debris from doing the laundry.

Paper: File away important papers. Shred anything you don’t need that has private information on it. Recycle what doesn’t. 

Meal plan: Create a meal plan for the week, including a shopping list.

Refrigerator: Remove expired items. Wipe down shelves. Organize the contents. Put bottles, like ketchup and pickles, on the doors. Keep your most-used items in the front or top shelf. Don’t forget the freezer.

In one hour

Car: Clean out your car, organize and vacuum.

Entryway drop zone: Organize and put away items that are out of season.

Spices: Check for expired spices. Organize them in whatever way makes sense to you. They might be alphabetized or organized in order of size or importance.

Bathroom cabinet: Get rid of curling irons, blow dryers or other appliances you no longer use. Wipe down the floor of the cabinet. Organize what is left.

Linen closet: Take everything out and wipe down the shelves. Organize towels by size. Make sure linen sets are stored together.

In 30 minutes

Pet area: Create a toy bin and put all toys in it. If your pet’s bed is dirty, you can usually take off the cover and wash it. Have the pet’s food in a bin and make sure their bowls are clean.

Cosmetics: Go through your cosmetics and check for expired items. Keep like items together. 

Medicine cabinet: Check for expiration dates. Organize the cabinet and get rid of stuff you don’t need. Wipe down shelves.

Fitness drawer: Create a fitness drawer in your dresser with yoga pants, sports bras, etc. so all of your workout gear is in one place.

In 15 minutes

Night stand: Night stands can become clutter zones. Go through what is there and put it away where it belongs. If you have a drawer. Go through that and organize it.

Junk drawer: Organize the junk drawer and if something belongs somewhere else, put it where it should be.

Purse, backpack or wallet: Take out receipts and file or trash them. Pens seem to accumulate in purses. You really only need one or two.

Dresser drawer: If you don’t have time to organize the whole dresser, just do one drawer and thoroughly organize it.

Under the kitchen sink: Make sure everything that is there belongs there. If not, put it where it belongs. Wipe down the floor of the cabinet and put things in there neatly.

Organize media (CDs, DVDs, Video games): If you still have physical media, organize it however it makes sense to you. If you don’t use a CD player any more, donate your CDs.

Declutter kitchen counters: Put everything away that is on the counter unless you use it daily.

Clear off desk: It will feel great to come into work tomorrow with a nice, clean desk. Clear off everything you don’t use daily and find a home for it.

Trash time: Grab a trash bag and go through your home picking up any trash you can in 15 minutes.

In five minutes

Make the bed: This doesn’t even take five minutes, but it is so much nicer to get into a nice, tidy bed at the end of the day.

Schedule an appointment (and put it on your calendar): Make that dental or doctor’s appointment you have been putting off.

Clear off the coffee table: Put everything where it belongs and recycle any paper like junk mail or magazines.

In summary, you don’t have to have a lot of time to get organized. Do what you can in the time you have each day. Need help? Contact me and we will make time to get your home organized.

Buying or selling your home? Contact Gigi today. Oh by the way, I’m never too busy for any of your referrals!

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