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common home issues that Pop Up Every October

The Most Common Home Issues that Pop Up Every October

Thanks to Clean Sweep for this episode of Tips from the Pros about common home issues that pop up every October.

October is here and Spooky Season is about to officially kick-off. Unfortunately, our team is not certified to remove ghosts or ghouls from your home. But we can help in a variety of other ways! With that in mind, we’ve decided to outline a few of the most common issues around the house that seem to manifest around this time of year. If you’re currently struggling with any of the following issues, be sure to reach out to the Clean Sweep team for a rapid and thorough response!

Chimney Related Issues

  • Creosote. Did your fireplace get extensive usage last winter? If so, there is bound to be a buildup of creosote left behind.  Creosote is one of the most dangerous substances that can be found inside of a chimney. Regular cleanings will ensure that any unsafe pileups are removed to offer total peace of mind over the holidays.
  • Obstructions. During this time of year, there are a variety of sources that could be causing a chimney blockage. Perhaps an animal has selected your chimney as the perfect place to seek warmth. Maybe residual creosote from last winter is still caked to the inner walls. In any case, a chimney blockage can prevent smoke and dangerous gases from leaving through the chimney as they should.
  • Brickwork Issues. Chimney service is about more than just cleaning! With inclement weather on the outside of a chimney and extreme heat on the inside, brickwork maintenance is a necessity from time-to-time. Tuckpointing is a very common type of maintenance that allows damaged and crumbled mortar to be removed and replaced with new mortar for boosted structural integrity.
  • Missing Chimney Cap. As we alluded to earlier, many animals are currently searching for a warm and dry place to ride out the winter. Critically, that place cannot be inside our chimney!  A chimney cap will not only keep animals away, it can also keep leaves and precipitation from entering. If your chimney cap is broken or missing, fall is the perfect time to have one installed.

Gutter Related Issues

If your gutters aren’t working optimally right now, the issue is on track to worsen even more as the leaves begin to fall. Don’t let clogged gutters introduce issues. They include: basement flooding, standing water, mold/ mildew growth, and siding damage this fall and winter!

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