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Forgotten spots that need organizing

Thanks to Cindy Bernstein of Aim4Order for this episode of Tips from the Pros with a blog about forgotten spots that need organizing.

Get rid of those forgotten sports around your home that need organizing

Everyone has a few spots where clutter just seems to accumulate no matter what you do. These locations become a part of your home that we stop noticing after a while. We never get around to organizing these things because they have become part of the landscape. Here are some ideas to tackle those forgotten spots that need organizing.


Most people take good care of their gold jewelry, but also have an assortment of costume jewelry pieces that maybe don’t get the care they need. Necklaces get tangled, earrings are missing backs and some pieces may be in need of repair.

First, go through everything and figure out what you can let go. Broken clasps may cost more to fix than the item’s worth. Once you have sorted what you can purge and what you will keep, it’s time to put back the keepers. Start organizing by putting like things together in your jewelry box.


Cosmetics have expiration dates that often go unnoticed. Many people haven’t worn makeup since COVID arrived because they are not going out much. Perfume can go bad. It might smell okay (or might not), but can irritate your skin if it’s old.

A good starting point is to chuck the gloppy nail polish. Mascara and liquid eyeliner can also get gooey. Make sure your cosmetics are not expired. Get rid of cosmetics that you never wear. Put away everything else. 


Just like physical space, your inbox can get cluttered. Saving emails you need to answer will start to build up in your inbox. Some businesses send emails multiple times a week or even daily. Do you really need that?

Clear out emails weekly, if not more often. Get off mailing lists for things you don’t need. If you need to answer emails, do that when you are going through your emails each day. Don’t save them for later.


While a lot people are listening to digital music from apps like Apple Music, Pandora and Spotify and watching TV and movies on demand, some people still cling to older technologies.

Time to dust off the records, cassettes and CDs. Do you still listen to them? If not, there is no reason to keep them. The same is true for videos and DVDs. Once you pare down to what you actually use, it should be more manageable. Donate or give away the parts of your collection you don’t use.

Under the kitchen sink

This cabinet can become a black hole for things that don’t have their own place to live. When you look under there, you may even find that you have multiples of some cleaning supplies,

A plastic container or two can be put under the sink to hold whatever you keep in there and make it look more tidy. Make sure you only have things you need and organize them by how often you use them or by height so you can see what you need when you look under there.


Whether you use alcohol a lot or a little, you probably have some stored in your home in one of those forgotten spots that need organizing.

Start off by checking bottles to make sure there is enough to make a drink left in each bottle. It’s very disappointing when you reach for a bottle, only to see that only has a few drops left. Bottles of wine that have been opened can go bad. Even unopened they can turn if they are not stored correctly. Organize the bottles by putting the ones you don’t use often in the back.

Tech devices and supplies

Old tech devices can pile up quickly. And every time you get a new device, you get a new charging cord.

When you get a new phone, you can sell the old one online. Some devices are worth much more than others, especially if they are in excellent condition. You don’t have to do much other than to set the phone back to factory settings. Next, you stick it in the box that will be mailed to you by the company buying the phone. That’s it. Most pay digitally through either Venmo or PayPal. One such site is called It’s Worth More. If you sell your phone to Apple, you will receive a gift card for the Apple Store. Read reviews on the companies before you pick one. 

Cords should be sorted by whether they are Android or Apple cords. They don’t make them like they used to. It’s not a bad idea to keep a few extra cords because they get bent or the wires may fray, especially near where the cord connects to the device.


These forgotten spots that need organizing can build up to become major problem areas. Tackle them before they reach that point. As always, if you need help, contact me. I’m here for you. 

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