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Feng Shui and Organizing Your Home

Thanks to Cindy Bernstein of Aim4Order for this episode of Tips from the Pros with her blog about Feng Shui and organizing your home.

Feng Shui and organizing your home

Feng Shui is an ancient way of organizing your home to feel secure, happy and safe. Get in touch with your surroundings, they can make you feel better and calm. 

Most people say they don’t want to declutter their homes because it takes too much time and effort. However, in reality, it is usually because organizing can be stressful when purging items that have an emotional attachment.

Clutter is clogging up the energy of your home. There is no smooth flow of your Chi when there is too much stuff in the way. 

Feng Shui and organizing in the Bedroom

You release energy in the bedroom. And this is where you want to be able to relax, get sleep and feel safe. Because you recharge your batteries and renew yourself as you sleep, this spot needs harmony.

You don’t have that peaceful feeling when clothes are everywhere, dressers are stuffed to the limit and there isn’t a clear surface.

Take some time to declutter this area. If you have too many clothes, get rid of some that you never wear. Make sure there is enough space in your closet to accommodate all of your clothing and footwear.

Have the bed against a wall that faces the door so when you walk in the room, you see the bed right away. Avoid orange, red or yellow colors in your bedroom because these colors energize. You want the opposite when you are trying to get a good night’s sleep.

Living Room

Clutter in the living room will take away the peace you are trying to achieve. Make sure countertops and tables are not loaded up with belongings.

Having sunlight in the room, or artificial light if sunlight is not possible, will help you feel comfortable and cozy. Mirrors can help spread the light. Live plants help as a filter. In Feng Shui, water attracts wealth. The living room is a nice place for a fish tank if you have one.

If you like the color red, this is the place for it. Red accents will help the room feel at ease. Keeping the furniture in a “U” shape invokes feelings of protection.


It’s not so easy to rearrange furniture in the kitchen, so you probably have to make do with the arrangement you have. The kitchen is another area that needs a lot of light, whether sunlight streams in through windows or you have other sources to add brightness.

According to Feng Shui, the state of your kitchen reflects the state of your health. Keeping the kitchen clutter free will help you mentally, if not physically. Orange, yellow and green are great kitchen colors.

Get rid of old food from the refrigerator. Organize pots and pans in the cabinets. Get your junk drawer in order. In addition, clean the stovetop and oven. Make sure the counter space is clear enough to be able to use it when needed.

Home office

Feng Shui organization in your office includes getting rid of clutter that will hinder your productivity. Vibrant colors work well in here, but brown will slow you down.

Purge things you don’t need any more like old files and papers. Keep drawers organized. Only keep things currently being used on the desk. At the end of the workday, the desk should be clear except for those tools you use daily.

In conclusion

Create a good energy flow and let go of the things that are holding you back. When you declutter you also de-stress, which will help you feel better.

If you are having trouble getting your home organized, please contact me. We can talk about what to do to get that good energy back in your home.

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